Voices Synopsis

by Richard Perkins
This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Voices of the Deep

Voices of the Deep

Thirty ‘turns after the unification of the Fertile Plains under the Doormaker Council, the western provinces still resent the intrusion of the powerful mages from the east. In Westrim, a city effectively ruled by the Merchant’s Guild, use of magecraft is taxed to prevent unfair trade advantages, and to keep the Doormaker Council in check.

Howard is the son of a seafaring merchant family who make their living on a lucrative trade run off the coast of Westrim. He’s always had uncanny luck on the open sea. He’s also always expected to train in the Merchant’s Guild and take up the family business. But when he gets caught up in the machinations of an unscrupulous rival, will his luck be the thing to save him or destroy him?

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