Renegade Synopsis

by Richard Perkins
This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series The Renegade's Door

It’s been nearly thirty ‘turns since the Great Desert conflict stopped the unfettered expansion of the Fertile Plains. The power hungry Merchant Guild, in almost open defiance of Council rule, has pushed new trade routes through the desert to the major Gatherings and on to remote Guardian Village. But unvanquished enemies sleep uneasily. Ever afraid of being covertly undermined by desert insurgents, the Doormaker Council relies increasingly on field agents.

Mikel is a greater air mage trained to infiltrate, observe, and report. When it proves necessary, his job is to terminate insurgents. His selfless service should make him proud to be a Doormaker. But the life of a field agent is demanding, and ten ‘turns of unending vigilance has left him bitter, disillusioned, and tired.

All of that changes when he meets a free spirited medicine woman from the far north. When a caravan trades at an unsanctioned Gathering feared to be linked to the Tribe of Prophets, which will Mikel serve? His duty or his compassion?

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