Chapter 7 Scene 3

by Richard Perkins
This entry is part 25 of 65 in the series Doormaker's Fall

Fronek looked up as the last of the sun’s rays disappeared behind the Barrier’s western rim. He shook his head, a bit disappointed that Devon had not arrived. And yet…

He chided himself. It was the boy’s first test, after all. He looked around for a few moments until he spotted a suitable ridge to his right. He scrambled up to its summit, and turned back toward the village, watching as twilight cast its dark mantle over the foothills below him. He forced himself to wait patiently, as scattered lights winked into existence in the village. They were mirrored above by stars coming out for the night, one by one. But Fronek ignored them, scanning the gathering darkness. At last he spotted what he was looking for, and could not suppress a smile of satisfaction.

A small, single light had appeared just off the main trail. It moved slowly but steadily, casting first one way and then another as it bobbed through the scattered trees. “About time too. I had almost given up on you boy.”

Then Fronek narrowed his eyes snorted mischievously. “All right, Devon. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

He climbed down from the ridge and struck off in a new direction. He suddenly found himself in a more cheerful mood than he had been in weeks and whistled a merry tune under his breath as he walked. It didn’t carry all the way to the boy who was tracking him, but Fronek didn’t want to make things too easy for the lad now, did he?

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