Chapter 12 Scene 2

by Richard Perkins
This entry is part 49 of 65 in the series Doormaker's Fall

Dirk stepped out from under the eaves of the porch where he had been sitting a moment before and walked slowly southward on the edge of the village road. He nodded amiably and waved to the villagers that greeted him, blending in with the milling throng. He chatted politely with villagers he knew along the way, exchanging bits of news with some, gossip with others, and wishes for good trading with more than a few.

“…morning Dirk! Did the cold already bring you down out of the mountains for the season?”

“Na’ Edna. But ‘twill be snow on the peaks afore long an’ no mistake…”

“…Dirk, good to see you! Down for the Bazaar no doubt! Short trading season this ‘turn and you know what that means!”

“An a fine hello ta’ yourself Edward! A short Bazaar is a buyer’s Bazaar is what me gran’ always said. An’ which are ye’ this ‘turn Edward, buyer or seller?”

“Ho ho! This turn I’m buying my good man!”

“Then a lucky man ye’ are indeed. Good fortune to ye’…”

The conversations were short and entirely predictable. If his eyes occasionally flicked from side to side or scanned open alleyways and side streets, the people he greeted took no notice. He maintained a leisurely pace, occasionally speeding up or slowing down. Sometimes he would stop entirely, looking at a building or a villager with brief interest. Then he would look up and smile to himself as if at some private joke before moving on down the road again. He decided to treat himself to a small drink. He was in no hurry after all.

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