Chapter 11 Scene 3

by Richard Perkins
This entry is part 42 of 65 in the series Doormaker's Fall

Tor opened his eyes. He lay on his back on sands illuminated by the glow of a million stars glittering overhead. He felt kindled by a strange, cold fire that burned inside him. It seemed to him that only moments had passed in that other dream-like state. But the wheel of stars overhead told him a different story. Hours had passed.

His lips were wet, his throat, dry. He turned his head and saw an outcropping of sandstone to his left. It cast rippling shadows on the starlit sands, visible only to his multifaceted sight. He saw Stephen Silver-eye sitting on the sands with his back to the stones, looking out over Tor’s body into the open desert. The shaman rose quickly and came to Tor’s side when he saw that the Prophet had awoken.

“Brother Tor. It is good to see you awake again.”

Meena waited near the base of the sandstone wall, her dark eyes never leaving Tor’s face. Drez crouched out on the sands away from the wall, casually flipping his shardsling from one hand to the other. His back was to Tor. There was no tension in his shoulders as he scanned the starlit desert dunes to the south. But his disarming stance held a coiled readiness that Tor could see now, where others would be fooled. Tor felt rather than saw Surya and Jorgen standing silently some distance beyond the young Storm Chaser.

The facets in Tor’s vision were whirling, disappearing and reappearing in quick succession. He felt a strange energy flow into him, the shadow’s promised strength. The visions changed from a disorienting blur into distinct moments of crystal clarity. It was as though he was seeing the same scene through a million lenses simultaneously. He watched each of them click into place in response to his every action, each and every moment. But rather than overwhelm him, these visions now reassured him, strengthened his resolve. He surrendered to them and let them guide his actions.

For the briefest of instants, he heard every possibility and saw every outcome. In that timeless instant between heartbeats, he understood the awful weight of every moment, leading irresistibly to the next. And he knew exactly what he must do.

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