Two steps forward… two steps back

by Richard Perkins

Since my last post, I’ve made some promising progress… and suffered a few setbacks. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? (If you answered that question by claiming to be a realist… you and I have something in common ;-) )

I’ll start out with the bad news. I got the final verdict on my pending job offer. You may recall from my earlier post that I was in line for a program manager position at a promising bay area solar PV company. You may also have read about the delays the hiring manager faced before he could make me an official offer. This week he wrote the words I had been dreading (but expecting given my earlier claim to be a realist). It seems they’ve put hiring on hold indefinitely, and have even had to lay off a few people in recent weeks. My own interpretation: I won’t be getting a job offer from them within the next six months, even if the hiring manager believed I could do everything but walk on water. :-(

Now on to the good news. Since I am the one who wrote that sometimes even a class four hurricane can have a silver lining: more time to write! Too bad writing doesn’t pay my bills.

I finished my edits and sent The Renegade’s Door, my NaNo 2008 manuscript, out to three pre-readers. Early feedback has been good. People like the pacing, find the characters compelling, and were excited about the story. Dan provided some great suggestions for strengthening the character development and heightening conflict in the later scenes of the book. His ideas will really help me get the story length up to publishers’ expectations. At 57,000 words it’s a little too brief for most publishers to consider right now. If I can get it up to 80,000 or 90,000 without diluting the story too much, I’ll have a much better chance of being taken seriously.

For those of you who want your own pre-screening, visit my Writer’s Lair. Check out The Renegade’s Door, my latest fiction series. I’ve updated and revised Scene 1 and Scene 2 with the latest changes from the pre-read manuscript. I’ve also added Scene 3 in case you’ve read the first two installments already. If you want to read more about the world of the Doormakers, be sure to read my two earlier works, Doormaker’s Fall, and Voices of the Deep. Neither of them is quite as polished as Renegade’s Door, but I do hope to publish a couple of books based on the events in Doormaker’s Fall at some point.

Next week I’ll be continuing my series on renewable energy technology, with a new post on wind power. If you have any requests for the next topic after wind, post a comment or two. Enjoy.

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