To post or not to post?

by Richard Perkins

Another week rolls has flown by, difficult to believe as that may be. On the professional front I had interviews with a solar PV company, a solar PV equipment manufacturer, and a recruiter. I had a fourth interview planned but it had to be rescheduled when the hiring manager called in sick on Friday. (Or maybe he just wanted a long weekend! Not that I would blame him; it’s been gorgeous outside this weekend! ;-) )

The buzz at Intersolar and my recent discussions with other cleantech folks have all revolved around the current uncertainty in the future of the renewable energy industry in the US. I wrote a commentary on the ITC and posted it on my professional page here.

I made some progress on the book this week too. I finished most of another scene in Chapter 12. I’m also posting the three scenes from Chapter 4 tonight for those of you who want to continue Devon’s adventure. Chapter 4 was a challenge for me, and I’m not quite satisfied with it yet. I struggled with developing the relationship between Devon and Mabel and ended up with a rather lengthy scene between the two of them. It doesn’t advance the story as much as I might like, but it has its moments. All the scenes are posted in the Writer’s Lair, so go ahead and read through it when you get a chance and tell me what you think about the pacing and content.

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