The never ending story

by Richard Perkins

I’m firmly convinced that Chapter 13 is my never ending story. At last count it was well over 16,000 words, and still stomping along like the Queen Mother.

The trouble is that my anti-hero, Tor, was evidently fed up with the young hero, Devon, hogging the lime-light. He’s hijacked the narrative completely. When I sit down to write the only voice I hear is his, telling me about his glorious rise to power in the Tribe of Prophets. That’s the problem with letting the character’s voice come out. Once you let them speak their mind, they never shut up! Ahh well, at least there is some good stuff in this chapter: a battle of butt-kicking proportion, a dash of intrigue, a pinch of deceit, and liberal scoop of sacrifice. ;-)

I actually think this may make a decent breakpoint for the first novel of the series (after much editing and reorganization, of course). Maybe the main focus of the first book will be my antagonist, setting the scene for my protagonist’s story in the second book. Or maybe I’ll end up with a completely different story by the time I’m done, who knows?

Last week I tried to schedule a bunch of posts rather than putting them all up at once. It seemed like once a day episodic content might be more appealing to readers. It’s too soon to tell one way or the other on that theory. But I did discover that future scheduled posts wreak havoc on Organize Series, the plug-in that I use for episodic content. I’m still using WordPress 2.5.1, because Organize Series doesn’t play well with 2.6.2 yet. The new post revision feature really wrecks it.

But scheduled posts also cause a few hiccups. The first is that scheduled posts show up in the series navigation lists even before they have been published. Many thanks to Chris Fritz at the Pink Sylphide for coming up with a slick fix for that glitch.

The second is that when future scheduled posts do get published, they lose all association with the series. There is a comment thread going on this glitch, but it doesn’t look like there’s a solution for it yet. Too bad. Looks like I’ll be manually publishing posts again.

Speaking of posts, I’ll be publishing scenes from Chapter 12 throughout the week. This is a long chapter and there are nine scenes to post, so watch the Writer’s Lair for updates! During the month of November I’ll be working on a new novel about Devon’s father for National Novel Writing Month, so watch for a new series!



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