The first greens of summer

by Richard Perkins

garden1 Ahh, the first greens from our garden! We went away for the weekend to dance at Camp Jitterbug. I was worried that the garden would wilt away in our absence without anyone to water it. Evidently though, the plants are well enough established now that they can go several days without watering.

In fact, the cilantro (the tallest shoot on the left) is climbing like Jack’s beanstalk! The arugula (or rocket, as our Aussie friends say) is also growing well. It’s even starting to flower (until I clipped off the heads to keep the edible leaves growing).

garlic-harvestOur little vegetable plot is only 40″ x 80″. You can see most of it in the picture above. We live in a rented townhouse, so we don’t have room to plant much more. I try to get the most I can out of the space we have. Last month I harvested the garlic we grew over the winter. It’s the first time I’ve grown garlic. The planting, growing and harvesting was easy. However, my attempts to weave attractive garlic ropes were not nearly as successful… ;-)

The summer crop is a bit more diverse. The first row on the left has two bell pepper plants in the back, hidden behind the tall cilantro plant, with two little jalapeno pepper plants in the front. The second row is a line of six green bean bushes. The third row has an eggplant vine hiding in the back, with a tall clump of arugula in the middle, and three little snap pea plants in the front. You can just see part of the fourth row in the picture, which has alternating red and silver swiss chard (silver beat if you’re from down under). You can see a wire trellis off to the right for one of the tomato plants. There’s a second tomato trellis, a zuccini trellis, some more snap peas, and a sweet basil plant that aren’t in the photo.

In the last few days we’ve had chard and rocket leaves on sandwiches and burgers. Beauty mate! Produce doesn’t come much more fresh and local than your own back yard. I do love summer. Can’t wait for the tomatoes to come in. Hopefully with the fence up this year, Bella won’t eat them all before we can pick them. :-)

6 Responses to “The first greens of summer”

  1. Great job with the fence! What is Bella? A. The lady at Twilight B. Dog C. Pig D. Goat

    I would have gone for A, but, it’s just ridiculous. Bella is a dog?

    You are a master of a lot of trades, Engineer, Writer, Inventor, Gardener, what else? Don’t tell me you also speak 5 languages. ;)


  2. Z – Our Bella is a dog (though sometimes at dinner she can be a bit of a pig). You can see her picture here. Sadly, I don’t speak five languages. Some would argue that I barely speak one fluently, though I know enough Spanish and French to get myself into trouble. Cheers!

  3. Hey Richard, that’t s cool pillow you got there. Here is mine

    I don’t know how you placed a link like that so, please pardon my cut and paste tactic. The picture will also send you to a haiku I made for my friend.

    I only know how to say a few words in Japanese, most of them are related to eating. LOL


  4. Z – Cute pup. Since I do all of my blog writing in wordpress, adding a link a simple matter of pressing a button for me. But if you know a little html code, you can do the same thing when entering the text of your comment. Here’s an example. If you wanted to make the link to your dog’s picture show up like this:
    Zorlone’s Pup

    you could type this into your comment field:

    <a href=”” >Zorlone’s Pup </a>


  5. Z, is right, you’re a jack of all trades. The garlic bulbs look good. That’s garlic , right? Cheers and all the best.

  6. Jena – Thanks, but you know what they say – jack of all trades, master of none! It is in fact garlic in the picture. We harvested two ropes about that size from the winter crop, and it’s pretty tasty. ;-)