Taking the time to write

by Richard Perkins

Hello readers. This week I have been working on revisions to Renegade (still). I’ve outlined two out of the three new scenes I decided to add after feedback from my pre-readers. But I haven’t managed to start drafting the new scenes yet. I keep finding other things to occupy my time. Today it was a new entry in my Renewable Tech series, this time on Solar PV. Wander over to the Professional page to have a look and drop me a comment while you’re there.

I’ve also added a few feature to my website. Like my NaNoWriMo winner badge, some link love for my top droppers over at EntreCard, and some buttons to encourage readers to Stumble or Digg posts they think are cool enough to share. If you’ve got comments or suggetions on the site itself, log them with this post. I love reader feedback!


2 Responses to “Taking the time to write”

  1. I’m impressed with your charts. I did NaNoWriMo too. Maybe those charts would help.

  2. Thanks Patricia. Charts may be over doing the metrics idea, unless you’re a real geek like me. Cheers!