News from the front

by Richard Perkins

During my last journal post I forgot to mention that I had been invited back for a third round interview at a solar PV company. The bad news is that this particular group’s interviewing process has now taken 3 months since my first meeting. The good news is that the hiring manager wants to offer me the position, pending some discussion about compensation.

So that’s definitely progress in the forward direction. Depending on how quickly we close the compensation discussion, I could be starting a new job in a week or two. Yay me!

Of course, this does throw a spanner in the works for my NaNoWriMo plans. It will be infinitely more difficult to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days while starting a full time job than while comfortably unemployed. Did I just use the phrase comfortably unemployed? Wow…

But my fellow south bay NaNoer’s assure me that it is possible to write while being gainfully employed. After all, most of them have full time jobs as well. So perhaps the challenge will be “finitely” more challenging, rather than “infinitely” more so.

Speaking of NaNo, the clock starts ticking in T minus 54 hours. I’ll be joining the first minute write-in at Denny’s to get a jump start on the word count. I’ve started using a creative writing tool called PageFour. So far I like it better than MS Word, which is what I was using on Doormakers Fall and Voices. I’ll let you know how the tool fares as the month rolls along.

I have generated a general synopsis and a plot line map using cue cards. Many thanks to fellow NaNoer jkusters for the helpful suggestion. My character descriptions for the new story are about as good as they’re going to get before I dive into the actual writing. My more detailed outline is coming along as well, but I have a bit of work to do there before Friday at midnight. I still haven’t latched onto a title for the new series. But I promise that there will be excerpts from the new novel up during the month of November.

So how am I feeling this close to my first novel writing sprint? I’d have to say I’m just at the intersection of nervous with dread and excited with antici…pation ;-)

Wish me luck!

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