JulNoWriMo – a fight to the finish

by Richard Perkins

JulNo winnerSomewhere in the middle of writing chapter 20 out of 30, I realized that my outline just didn’t have enough material to reach my personal 90,000 word goal. My motivation dropped visibly once I hit that snag, but I did finish the story before August 1st. The final word of the ending brought the count to just over 69,000 words, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. In addition, it was more than enough to get me across the 50,000 word line as a JulNoWriMo winner. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Special kudos to all the aspiring authors who passed the 50k mark.

Now it’s time for me to let the manuscript rest for a few weeks before I start tearing it apart in my first revision. I’ve already got one excellent beta reader lined up for this new novel (and you know who you are ;-) ). I will be looking for a second reader soon, though. I’ll outline the characteristics I’m hoping to find in the next few days. If you’re interested, watch this space. (I’ll also have to think of a better title than Eliza’s Story at some point… I really thought it would have come to me by now… hmm.)

Meanwhile, I’ll be sending Renegade out to potential agents to see if anyone will bite. Wish me luck. My final chart for first draft word count tracking is included below for the nerds among my readers.

JulNo Stats

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