Juggling priorities

by Richard Perkins

It may not be as impressive as juggling chainsaws, but keeping a balance between multiple priorities is challenge enough for me. Recently I’ve spent most of my free time revising my NaNoWriMo manuscript, The Renegade’s Door. Unfortunately that means I’ve been getting behind on new posts.

My Renewable Technology series is overdue for another article but I haven’t decided what topic to write about yet. I’ve already discussed hydropower, wind power, and solar PV power but there are still plenty of other topics to choose from. There are several types of thermal energy systems like geothermal, solar thermal, or biomass. Then there are alternatives in ocean power like wave energy, tidal current systems, and mechanisms that take advantage of variation in salinity or temperature at different depths. If you’re one of my renewable tech readers, leave a comment about which technology you’d like to read about next.

My search for a paid gig continues. But in the current economic environment, it’s tough for a project manager trying to break into the market of renewable energy product development. My latest interview was for a part time consulting position with a Solar PV installer. The pay wouldn’t even cover our cost of living in the Bay area. But it would give me valuable “boots-on-the-roof” experience. And it would help me understand the challenges of getting today’s renewable energy technologies out of the lab and into the field. That’s something at least.

On the social front we’ve been having great fun with our new Lindy group Wednesday Night Hop. When we left Melbourne behind we had to leave a great network of dancing friends at Swing Patrol. The Wednesday Night Hoppers have been very welcoming and we’re starting to feel right at home here. We even did a short group performance at one of the social dances, which you can check out below. (10 merit points to the first reader who correctly identifies us in the clip below ;) ) This weekend we’ll be attending a weekend of lessons and social dances with one of the living legends of Lindy, Frankie Manning.

And on a closing note, many thanks to a few of my Entrecard friends.  Jen’s current Vampire Valentine series at Your Dark Passenger and Stiletto Philosopher is a laugh out loud diversion from my daily grind. Stephanie at Rocket Scientist has written a couple of very insightful articles recently on character development and growth. And Ravyn’s articles on character interaction and group dynamics at Exchange of Realities has also been on my must read list lately.

If you haven’t visited these blogs on your own, drop by. I promise they’re well worth your time.

3 Responses to “Juggling priorities”

  1. Thanks for the link! I’ll try to keep the character development coming.

  2. You sure have covered alot and still having fun! Good job.
    Not sure I can juggle chainsaws at all! LOL.

  3. Ravyn – No worries. And thanks for the always helpful writing hints.
    Linda – Yeah, the chainsaws thing is beyond me too. Keep up the good work at Forced Green though. You’ve posted some very informative articles over there recently.