Happy New Year

by Richard Perkins

Happy 2009 to one and all. I know I’ve been a bit delinquent in posts recently. After NaNo finished up at the beginning of the month, it’s just been kind of hectic. Margot’s family came out to visit for Christmas and we celebrated her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary a few months early. Two of Margot’s sisters, one aunt and one uncle made it into town for the party. And we managed to keep the secret right up until the guests of honor arrived (a real achievement, let me tell you).

On the professional front, the economy has not been doing me any favors. No new job offers, no new interviews, no new leads. I didn’t really expect much for December, with most companies ramping down for the holidays and evaluating their end of year budgets. But hopefully things will pick up in January, with the incoming administration’s avowed support for renewable energy investment.

In the interim, I’m thinking about writing a series of short articles on various renewable energy technologies. I’m not certain about the format yet, but I’ll probably try to keep the language suitable for the average reader. I’ll probably write a separate post for each generation type, with descriptions of the energy source, the way the technology converts the energy to electricity, maturity, scale, advantages and disadvantages. So if you’ve always wondered how a windmill can turn on your laptop… keep an eye out for a new series in my Professional Page starting in January.

The Renegade’s Door, my November NaNoWriMo novel, has just emerged from it’s month long intervention with my red pen. I plan to spend the first part of January getting all the revisions into electronic form. Then I’ll send the manuscript out to a few readers for feedback. I may post an excerpt or two in the series on my writing page if you want to take a peek. But I probably won’t be posting the entire manuscript for this story the way I did with Doormaker’s Fall and Voices of the Deep. By February I plan to have the book shipped out to potential publishers. Wish me luck!

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